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Stories of adventure, wonder — and space!


Frankie Styles took on a smalltime cargo route at the edge of Cooperative space to get away from the constant pressure of her life in Central sector.

She's about to find out that edge space is just as turbulent as the life she left behind.

And a lot weirder.

A rollicking novella set in the Cooperative Realm.

Frankie Takes A Holiday 20231112-2 FINAL.jpg

Frankie Styles is going to relax. No, really. With her spaceship in the shop for a week, she's about to hit the beach. Sun, surf, fruity drinks, and absolutely no worries.

Too bad the weather, an old friend, and a new colleague have other plans.

Space opera meets comedy of manners in this rollicking Cooperative Realm novel!


The people of Arkhide don't fear their planet's mighty volcanoes, but they have long lived in fear of being 'discovered' by the mammoth Cooperative Realm of Planets.

Now the Co-op has found them.

To save her people, Katla Sofiasdotter is charged with changing the terms on the unfair treaty the Cooperatives have offered. A treaty that sentences thousands on her planet, "illegals," to immediate death.

Problem is, Katla's no diplomat.

A Cooperative Realm novel


On Arkhide, a planet where the majority are seamlessly connected through advanced implants, Katla finds she may be forever out of the loop.

As she struggles to navigate a society that includes instant communication as part of genuine connection, she embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

A thought-provoking novella of resilience, friendship, and finding one's place in a hyperconnected world.

A Cooperative Realm novella


In Arkhide, a world where synthetic humans are a part of everyday life, young Katla embarks on a daring adventure to uncover the secrets of her island's synth clubhouse.

With the help of her friend Olve, Katla navigates the challenges of pretending to be a synth and discovers a hidden vein of intrigue, camaraderie, and a deeper understanding of what it means for humans and synthetic humans to live together.

Enjoy a fun and thought-provoking journey of self-discovery, friendship, and wonder in this short space opera novella.

A Cooperative Realm story


After losing the Galactic Great War generations ago, we all just want to put it out of our minds.

At long last, we can put the last veteran—an AI military assistant bot—to rest.

At long last, we can pry into the cubbyhole they've kept so private for so long.

Dare we?

An epic little-robot short story in a style that's an homage to the classic modernist story

Stories of adventure, history — and love!


Wounded hearts, clashing ambitions, and the Tune that Took Waterloo. A traditional (steamy) Regency.

"Penttila draws readers into the music halls, publishing offices, half-empty estates and festering hospital wards where machinations of all sorts are afoot and interwoven creating a story that makes readers want to cheer, revolt, weep and hope.” —The Season for Romance blog


As Manchester simmers under the tensions of the summer of 1819, the choices grow more stark for Maddie and Nash: Family or justice. Love or money. Life or death.

“Powerful. Disturbing. Heartbreaking. Smart. Occasionally gentle, often brutal. And always enthralling. An atypical setting, an actual historical event, masterfully layered characters and a sophisticated, seamless narrative — An Untitled Lady is a standout, gripping historical romance, unlike any Regency you’ve ever read.”
—USA Today


Some fly to war. Others flee it.

No one is safe.
If you enjoy sweeping stories set on an international stage, with complex and engaging characters, The Spanish Patriot is for you.

​Historical fiction set in Galicia, Spain, in 1809.

​"An ambitious and enlightening work of fiction that will satisfy lovers of history and romance alike."
—Kirkus Reviews

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