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New release! Hidden Planet

cover for novel Hidden Planet, view from space of a blue-and-white planet

The people of Arkhide don't fear their planet's mighty volcanoes, but they have long lived in fear of being 'discovered' by the mammoth Cooperative Realm of Planets.

Now the Co-op has found them.

To save her people, Katla Sofiasdotter is charged with changing the terms on the unfair treaty the Cooperatives have offered. A treaty that sentences thousands on her planet, "illegals," to immediate death.

Problem is, Katla's no diplomat.

Hidden Planet goes on sale Tuesday, September 19.


Sharp-eyed readers will recognize Katla and many of her family and friends from my stories Secrets of the Synths (Katla is 8 years old) and Worlds Apart (she's a bit of a teenager). In my new release, she's twenty-four, still in the shadow of her famous mom and still trying to figure out where she fits in her world.

And now, action!

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